Cancellation before the start of the course, the following fees will apply:
  • Until one month before the start date: Full reimbursement of the yoga part of the accommodation and meals part
  • Within 7 days of the beginning of the course: 10% of the yoga part see below about the hotel part

Departure during the Teacher Training Course:
For the yoga part:

  • If it is within the first three days of the course, 500 EUR cancellation fee
  • After the first three days of the course: no refund.

In case of leaving because of proved COVID related mandatory issues the reimborsement will be full before the start of the course. If the course started the amount correspondent to your stay will be deducted.

In case of leaving before the course, the TTC manual and the TTC uniforms (two shirts and two pants) must be returned before leaving the place of the course.

For the hotel:

o Up to 1 week before arrival there is no penalty (29/07/23 ).
o Less than 1 week before arrival, from 30/07/23 for TTC, the cancellation fee will be 10% of the part corresponding to the accommodation and meals for the whole course. This penalty may be reduced depending on whether the place is reassigned to a new participant.
o Cancellations due to proven Covid cases, the refund will be full, except for the days already accommodated.
o Early departure from the TTC. Within the first 3 days a 50% penalty is applied, the other 50% will be refunded. Departure must take place before 11h, otherwise this day will be counted as a penalty.

Once the course has started, no refund will be made.
If you leave on the day of the exam, there is no refund for that day.